MacDriller, Inc. offers a turn-key product to its clients and specializes in the larger, more complex directional boring projects involving:


  • Specializing in Subaqueous Crossings of Intracoastal Waterways & Rivers
  • Joint Utility Bores (several utilities in one bore sharing permitting and installation costs)
  • “Drill & Leave” Solutions
  • Shore approaches
  • Horizontal Wells for various applications – water, remediation, discharge, sea water intake, etc.
  • Bores up to 5000 Linear Feet+ in length including, but not limited to, water & sewer force mains
  • Complex projects involving FDOT, FDEP, SFWMD, Army Corps of Engineers, and other state and Federal regulatory agencies


Products offered with in-ground installation:

  • Large Diameter pipelines up to 36″ diameter
  • HDPE  conduit casings for power, fiber, & telecommunications, etc. & Pipe Fusing/Welding Services
  • Steel pipelines


In addition to our directional boring products, we also offer an assortment of products to resolve your utility needs:

  • Design-Build Services
  • Conflict Design & Research
  • Various Utility Contracting needs



Call us for help in concept, design, construction, or any other issues regarding your project